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Lan spent many years on the radio in Seattle and Hawaii. (click)

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Lan's Postcard from Hawaii-Sept. 1978. Click palm tree. (re: 4 legged duck)

This Picture was taken in 1971 at Seattle Sky Sports in

Issaquah, Washington just before Lan's 200th jump.


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Some of the fun stuff from Seattle's entertainment history can be found at A Seattle Lexicon: Blasts from the Past



From Left to Right: Gary Shannon, Emperor Smith (passed away Oct 2001), Normal Gregory, Keven Metheny, Lan Roberts, Ric Hansen, Robert L. Scott(passed away summer 98'. Will be missed)


The KJR Super Car below:

Lan is the guy on the Right. That's Pat O'Day in the front seat waving at passing motorists who think we're nuts?

New Orleans snake man promotion.

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