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One of the main purposes of the Old Fart's club is:

To give to charity, including charities that feed, clothe,
and shelter the poor. We particularly enjoy delivering
clothing to poor people who don't have any, especially if
those poor people happn be major babes

Picture just discovered that was taken at the 1995 KJR reunion. Pat O'Day interviews Emperor Smith. Burl Barer, Tom Murphey, and Norm Gregory look on. To see it scoll down to OFC News link. 8/8/2001


Incontinence Hotline---Could you hold please?

If you are concerned about government Mind Control Machines like most of us in the OFC are please click on the URL at the right:

Those of you young enough to remember the Sky River Rock Festival check this site out for some fond memories


President: Charles C. Bolland

Vice President: Lan Roberts

Past Presidents: JerryKaye, Bobby Simon

FLASH!! Pat O'Day tricked again. Click on button below






Was he Goofy or just plain Nuts? Here are some classic stories about Big Jim Nelly.

So whatever happened Big Jim Martin who for years was the all night jock on KJR and KING in Seattle.Latest picture of Jim has arrived. Click on Emperor Smith below.


FLASH: New pictures of Burl Barer with actual movie stars. Nov. 2, 1999

"The nuns MADE me dress like this" Pat O'Day 7/12/65

New Contest inside The OFC Newsletter....

Click this button for the OFC newsletter. This news letter is updated once or twice a month depending on nap time. New nation plans going well.

Wow, look how many people have visited the OFC website within the past three days:

To see some pictures of OFC members click on the picture of our club advisor: Go to Lan Roberts' Stuff for Robert O Picture 8/04.


Here are the current members:

Jerry Kaye, Tom Murphy, Bobby Simon, Lan Roberts, Charles C. Bolland, Lee Perkins,Bill Taylor, Doc Harris, Mike Phillips,Bill Wolfenbarger, Buzz Barr, Robin Mitchell, Frank Thompson, Robin Sherwood aka Jim Hewett, Stan Foreman , Robert O. Smith, Steve West, Burl Barer, Bwana Johnny, Bill O'Mara, Danny Holiday, Ric Hanson Dave McCormick.



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Still Smoking????????




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