Nov 8, 2005

Lots have happened since the last OFC newsletter. Our president Danny Holiday
continues to do a magnificent job in his position. I’ve complimented him in recent
OfC newsletters so I won’t be redundant.

As you know we lost Jerry Kaye about a month ago. We still don’t know the cause
of death. Bwana Johnny left us a couple of weeks ago and when I was in Seattle
several weeks ago a bunch of us stopped by to visit Bwana at his rest home. Damn
he looked good with his magic sparkle in his eyes and a feeling of how glad he was to
see all of us. A couple of mornings later I tuned into MSNBC on TV and heard
Imus mention Bwana’s passing and how he had worked with him either in Chicago
or New York.

I really can’t quite bare to delete the OFC names of people who have passed away.
I’m also having trouble transferring pictures up to this website so until I get things
straight please bare with me. I have some good ones of the Jerry Kaye
wake/luncheon and Bwana Johnny’s visit with us.

Also I’ve received a lot of pictures from one person who didn’t leave a return
address who was at the Jerry Kaye luncheon. If that person is reading this please
let me know who you are because the pictures are great and all on CD.

That’s it from Texas. The past three weeks our highs have been between 83 and 85
degrees and it looks like tomorrow is going to be another warm one.
God bless you and thanks for taking the time to check out the OFC News.


Lan Roberts
OFC VPFLAB (Vice President For Life And Beyond)

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