I designed and built the car above that we called the KOLLil Guy. It was a 1959 Isetta with a BMW motorcycle engine and the door opened from the front. There was a black tail on the back of the car that wagged when the car was in motion. The Lil Guy was used in most of the radio station promotions. One of the unique projects with this "Rat Car"was the time we raided the Humane Society and gave away some dogs to help promote the Society. The person who was driving the car was dressed up like a cat. So picture this: Up drives a Rat, out gets a Cat, with a Dog.

Hmmmmmmm. Strange looking but effective. Look at the top picture again. I am on the left and the guy on the right was Dan Pollack who helped me build a lot of things for different promotions. One was the cannon for the Slug Queen Cannon Shot where we shot the slub queen out of a cannon for a station promotion. Dan worked for the Explosive Corp of America located at the time near Seattle. He had a workshop at Seattle Sky Sports where he invented fireworks. He eventually started his own company that worked with black powder explosives. He also got very religious. One day at their plant Dan was holding a prayer meeting. No one knows what happened but the entire building blew up killing everybody inside. The explosion was so big that no bodies were ever found......

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