Lan's Postcard From Hawaii

July, 1975


My first residence in Honolulu was at the end of Kapiolani Park, the large park that is adjacent to Waikiki, on Kalakaua Avenue. My house at 3037 was on the beach and the only house in the neighborhood that was right on the beach with a backyard, palm tree, kukuinut tree, and a sweet smelling plumaria tree. Stretched between the plumaria and the kukuinut trees was a large hammock. It was great to lie on the hammock with a lady friend in my arms and look at the stars.
Enhancing the scene were wave after wave of ocean striking the seawall about 12 feet away. Picture of backyard below:

That's me on the left.

This particular night my girlfriend spent the night. We were lying in bed when about 11pm I heard a girl's scream from next door.
I had a feeling it was my next door neighbor who lived alone and was a stone knockout in a bikini.

I grabbed my Baretta pistol whipped my shorts on and ran for the front door. As I entered the courtyard of my next door neighbor's house I saw this guy running. I ran and tackled him and at the same time another neighbor was right behind me and on top of the burglar holding his arms down as we all hit the ground.
We held him down until the cops came just a few minutes later.
As the kid, about 18 or 19, stood up wearing the cop's handcuffs several pairs of women's panties fell out of his belt.
This guy was the mysterious Diamond Head panty bandit who had been breaking into girl's houses and apartments and stealing their panties but never harming any of them. He had finally been caught and don't think my friends let everybody know that I was the one who captured the Diamond Head Panty Bandit.

After the police left the girl, Charelle, who had been robbed came over and gave me a hug and a kiss then thanked me. I walked back toward my house and my girlfriend was standing there with her mouth open. We had only been going together for about three weeks and this was the first time she had spent the night. As we walked back to hammock in my back yard she said, "Wow, is it like this all time over here at your place?" I said, " Naaah, This has been a slow week".