Dec 28, 2005

Wrapping It Up

It's been a great Christmas season for me this year despite some serious breathing problems and other health issues. I feel good this year because I think the people that received my gifts seemed to appreciate them and that's one of the greatest feelings you could possibly be blessed with.

My middle daughter Suzette came to Texas from California. We hadn't been together for Christmas in over 3 decades. How the time flies huh? The bonding between Suzette with my yougest daughter was unreal since both of them are so active in sports and running. So much happened that I didn't have much time to stop and remember our great friends we've lost this past year.

I have to wear portable oxygen all the time now but thank God I'm still here at times gasping hungry for breath wishing I had never started smoking years ago. Yesterday my sister called the emergency ambulance guys to check me out because I was gasping so hard for air. Things weren't serious but my oxygen intake was down considerbly.

Whatever your beliefs might be I really know God is out there looking over me along with Jesus and the Blesssed Mother Mary. I can feel them being with me and I can feel the input that you are giving to God for me. It's a strange feeling but it's there so thank you so much for your prayers and good thoughts. The doc gave me a good report today. Xrays looked good and I'm taking steroids now help with the breathing problem, of course to enhance my athletic endevors also :o).......I wasn't expecting such a good report from him. He's a straight shooter and has leveled with me for the past 10 years.

I've been getting holiday wishes from my friends all over the world and must say here and now that I haven't been feeling well enough to answer all of them. Much aloha to all of you and just a reminder "I believe I'm a good example that prayer works"....thanks for yours.



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